Three new ProCure™ UV Soy coatings from INX International Ink Co.

Printers taking advantage of UV’s ease, speed and energy savings along with a notable lack of VOCs, now can add a few additional cards to their sustainability deck. Three new ProCure™ UV Soy coatings from INX International Ink Co. include standard gloss, imprintable gloss and matte are formulated with varying amounts of domestically produced and renewably sourced soy content.

            “These high-performance coatings easily match conventional UV options while also providing a more sustainable product,” said Mike Sajdak, Senior R & D Chemist for INX International. “By formulating with renewable soy, it supports domestic farming while reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

            The new low-odor coatings perform well over virtually all sheetfed and flexo inks, and can be used on an extensive range of substrates, including films as well as paper and board. Typically used as a last-down UV coating, the standard ProCure Gloss Soy formulation contains 25 percent renewable-resource product. Excellent flow and leveling ensure uniform coating with a high-gloss finish, slip properties, rub resistance and resistance to water and organic solvents. Sajdak said this formulation has already run commercially with excellent results.

            Similar performance can be expected from ProCure UV Soy Matte coating, providing a low-gloss finish that does not burnish. Besides its 10 percent soy content, this coating is 100 percent VOC-free, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

            The silicone-free ProCure UV Gloss Soy Imprintable coating is specially formulated for foil stamping, solvent ink jetting or other secondary applications. It is also VOC-free and contains 20 percent renewable-resource soy material. Application over a wide variety of inks provides a high-gloss finish with excellent resistance properties.

              The new trio of ProCure UV Soy coatings is another example of results achieved by INX International’s extensive R&D investment and ongoing commitment to developing greener, more sustainable products to help advance its customers’ environmental as well as productivity and profit agendas.

INX International Ink Co. is the third largest producer of inks in North America with over 30 facilities in the U.S. and Canada, and is a global supplier as part of Sakata INX worldwide operations. For more information, visit the Web site at or contact Bob Wolff with The Drucker Group at 312/867.4960.