BRUSSELS, Belgium – Univar, a global chemical distributor, has signed an agreement with GE Water & Process Technologies to become the company’s official distributor of its water-treatment products, starting initially in Italy and southern Europe, but planned to extend throughout Europe.

The new range of products has applications in almost all industrial processes and will be very relevant to Univar’s existing customer base, from food and pharmaceutical companies to coatings and energy businesses. Univar will be distributing products across five categories: boiler treatment, membrane separation, odor control, dust control and closed-loop internal treatment.

Nearly 20 percent of global freshwater consumption occurs in industrial processes that include cooling, cleaning, chemical processing, wastewater treatment, power generation and manufacturing operations. GE Water & Process Technologies has developed cutting-edge proprietary technologies that enable companies to reuse wastewater, reduce water and energy consumption, reduce disposal costs, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Water treatment is one of the key strategic sectors Univar is focusing on to drive growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Adding water treatment products to its portfolio opens up significant new opportunities for Univar’s business and reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.