A new state-of-the-art micro/macro hardness testing product line, the DuraScan, has been introduced by Struers. With its extensive features and benefits, the DuraScan is a natural complement to Struers existing and extensive range of hardness testers.

The DuraScan, designed in five basic models, each with varying levels of automation, has a unique test load range of 10 gf - 10 kgf, providing a level of versatility and flexibility with multiple test methods and application usage. Based on a patented combined load cell and dead weight system, the DuraScan takes advantage of both technologies, giving users the most functionality, the highest degree of accuracy and reproducibility possible in a single machine.

The compact and revolutionary asymmetrical design with a patented V-concept – a motorized test head and vertically fixed stage – allows for greater vertical testing capacity (260 mm or 10.2”), resulting in an increased testing height for large and taller samples. Additional advantages include faster testing on a large sample area, constant working height providing ergonomic working conditions, and a precise indent positioning allowing for more accurate and reproducible testing results.

The DuraScan can have up to a six-position automatic turret with multiple indenters and objective lenses, eliminating the need for manual exchange, consequently reducing frequent re-calibration of the machine. This instrument eliminates the need for manual evaluation or surface adjustments, with its automatic image evaluation and surface setting providing a fast and fully automatic testing cycle.

Intuitive ecos Workflow™ software lets the user execute hardness testing procedures in a step- by-step process for simplicity and ease of operation. Users can perform high-quality hardness testing with minimal training. Additionally, professional reports including statistical information can be easily generated utilizing the built-in report editor.

The main features of the DuraScan line include:

  • unique test load range from 10 gf - 10 kgf, providing versatility in testing applications;

  • available in semi- and fully automatic versions;

  • vertical test head and fixed stage for highest positioning accuracy;

  • overview camera for easy positioning of test points;

  • automatic image evaluation and autofocus eliminates manual intervention while testing; and

  • intuitive workflow-oriented software for ease of operation.

For more information, visit http://www.struers.com.