PARIS - Rhodia has received support from the European Commission’s LIFE+ program and from ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, for the industrial development of its new Rhodiasolv® IRIS solvent.

In the framework of a major R&D program, Rhodia has developed a range of innovative, more eco-friendly solvents designed to meet the developing environment, health and safety requirements of its customers.

Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-VOC, Rhodiasolv® IRIS is used as an alternative to traditional solvents in a wide range of applications such as paint stripping, graffiti removal, composite resin, ink and textile cleaning, and industrial degreasing.

“The recognition received from the European Commission for these new solvents represents a major step forward. With Rhodiasolv IRIS, we are providing an effective answer to the sustainable-development challenges facing our customers: the need to design solutions capable of respecting both the environment and people’s health while offering a high level of performance and cost effectiveness,” said Emmanuel Butstraen, President of Rhodia Novecare.