SAO PAULO, Brazil/SINGAPORE – WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, is expanding its international training and competence centers and is opening branches of the WACKER ACADEMY in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as in Singapore. The training centers offer an ideal platform for sector-specific networking between customers, distribution partners and WACKER specialists. The group is thus promoting the transfer of expertise to its local customers and business partners, thereby helping to further tap into the fast-growing markets for modern chemicals in Brazil and Southeast Asia.
Due to the rising number of training inquiries, independent training branches of the WACKER ACADEMY have now been established for regional markets in Brazil and Southeast Asia. In Sao Paulo as well as in Singapore, the training facilities of the WACKER ACADEMY are located on the premises of the existing local technical centers. The close proximity to development and test laboratories promotes the active exchange of expertise, gives participants access to on-site tours and testing, and thus creates the optimal groundwork for customer service. In addition, the collaboration with in-house research facilities, universities and institutes ensures that the seminars always reflect the very latest scientific findings.