GÖTTELBORN, Germany - Nanogate, an international nanotechnology enabler, is boosting its strategy in the field of multifunctional, high-performance surfaces with its equity holding in sarastro GmbH. Nanogate's expertise in coating various plastic surfaces and sarastro's specialization in producing antimicrobial systems complement one another. Following several pilot applications in the sanitary and health sector, the first joint product, PermaResist© Hygienic, is now going into serial production.

There is considerable market potential for the two partners' products thanks to their numerous areas of application, greatly improved hygienic properties and additional combinable functionalities.

As hygiene requirements grow, greater demands are being placed on the products and materials employed. This is particularly true of products that are used on a daily basis, in public spaces or in the health sector. Together with a number of well-known cooperation partners, sarastro has already gained important experience in the field of hygienic surfaces. As part of their cooperation, Nanogate and sarastro are now utilizing this expertise for joint products and applications relating to plastic coatings and developing efficient solutions for multifunctional, high-performance hygienic surfaces.

The plastic coatings' multi-functionality, and therefore their strength, is derived from both their wide-ranging properties and their versatility, as they can be applied to almost all conventional plastics. Surfaces enhanced with PermaResist Hygienic have a defined antimicrobial effect that significantly reduces germs, fungi and bacteria reliably and permanently. Optional properties can also be added, such as making the surface scratchproof and easier to clean.

Almost all standard types of plastic – such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate and polystyrene – can be coated with the PermaResist line. A wide range of applications can be catered for, such as cases for consumer electronics, automotive components, industrial componentry or medical-technical devices. The application process is simple and can be integrated into standard coating practices. This makes it cost efficient and economical, enabling optimum value creation.

"Following successful initial pilot applications in the strictly regulated and monitored health sector, Nanogate and sarastro have established a very successful competitive position. In doing so, we have opened up considerable market potential," said Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate AG. "These developments show that the equity holding in sarastro was an important strategic step, and we took it at precisely the right time. The collaboration gives us the ideal addition to our expertise in coating high-performance surfaces, allowing us to explore new, promising application areas and markets."