ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – According to Global Coating & Ink Additives, a new study by the consulting firm Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney, consumption of the five leading additives for coatings and inks was 1.72 billion pounds, worth $3.47 billion, in 2009. Volume was down 10 percent compared to 2008, with North American and European usage down the most. Additive consumption in the Asia-Pacific region was off a more modest three percent, as growth in China and India partially offset the declines in Japan and South Korea. A five percent annual rate of growth is forecast for global additive consumption through 2014.

Rheology modifiers are the leading additive type with 39 percent of the 2009 dollars. Cellulosics, water-based synthetics, fumed silicas and organoclays are the leading rheology modifiers. Foam-control additives edged out dispersants for second in value in 2009 with the bulk used in water-based paints. Dispersants were 17 percent of the dollars and range from highly specialized polymeric types to higher-volume polyacrylic acid varieties for architectural paints.

Slip-and-rub additives were fourth in value and are comprised of wax products and silicones. Wetting agents were 11 percent of the volume and 12 percent of the value in 2009.