BETHESDA, MD – RadTech, the Association for UV and EB curing technology, has recognized Cambrios Technology Corp. for utilizing a UV-curable coated nanostructured system as an alternative to ITO (indium tin oxide) conductive films in flexible electronic applications. The RadTech Emerging Technology awards are presented every two years by the RadTech Emerging Technology Committee, chaired by Peter Weissman of Quaker Chemical, in recognition of innovative, ground-breaking use of the technology.

Transparent conductive films are essential for nearly all displays, including the emerging flexible display category. Inorganic and organic photovoltaic devices also require a highly transparent and conductive electrode. The dominant technology used for transparent conductive films are thin films of ITO. However, ITO has several major problems such as cost, future availability and brittleness. The last feature is a major difficulty for devices that use touch screens or require a large degree of flexibility.

"Cambrios has developed metal dispersions that when coated serve as very cost-effective and technically effective alternatives to ITO," said Mike Idacavage of Cytec and RadTech President. "Cambrios deposits its dispersions with off-the-shelf liquid coating equipment like that used to deposit photoresists. After the application of the dispersion and appropriate drying, the fragile nanostructured films are covered with a protective UV-curable coat. This allows the transparent conductive film to be handled without damage in the device assembly."

"The UV-cured protective coating is an enabling factor in the commercialization of this significant new development in the area of electronic materials," said Teresa Ramos of Cambrios. "First sales of this new transparent conductive film will be in 2010 for the touch-screen market. It is expected that future applications for the technology will be in flexible displays, OLEDs, thin film and organic photovoltaics."

Cambrios is an electronic materials company that develops proprietary, competitive products using nanotechnology.