ICA Group unveiled a new range of water-based UV coatings for pre-finished parquet that is set to revolutionize the aesthetic effects that can be achieved.

ICA Group, a specialist in the manufacture and marketing of special wood coatings, unveiled a new range of water-based UV coatings for pre-finished parquet that is set to revolutionize the aesthetic effects that can be achieved. Wooden floors are, without doubt, a crucial aspect of the current trend in residential and contract building projects and, for this reason, the company, headquartered in Civitanova Marche (in the Italian province of Macerata), has leveraged its experience to develop specific solutions for this type of flooring. The water-based coatings deliver excellent performance on parquet, increasing the creative possibilities open to interior specialists and designers, while also boosting eco-sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.

ICA-brand coatings for pre-finished parquet, which are highly versatile in terms of their potential applications, have been designed to make the most of the creative opportunities afforded by parquet. Minimal, “clean” looks are becoming an increasingly popular choice both for furnishings and finishings, and wooden floors take center stage in these modern interior design solutions. Exceptionally “warm” and natural, parquet is suitable for different methods of wood treatment, and so – as a coatings manufacturer – ICA Group is well placed to work with floor specialists in order to provide designers with innovative and eco-friendly “tools of the trade”.

ICA Group’s water-based UV coatings have been designed to fulfill the requirements of architects and to widen the possibilities for the coating of wood. Currently, pre-finished parquet is more popular than traditional parquet in the interior flooring sector, with oak proving particularly successful. In addition, demand is also on the increase for open-pore finishes, which allow the floors to maintain a natural look, making the rooms in which they are laid both simple and welcoming. The new coatings include a water-based UV primer, a water-based UV basecoat, and two water-based UV topcoats suitable for curtain-coating or spray application. Another topcoat is available for roller application. As such, there is the possibility for a plethora of different combinations and it is feasible to produce coating cycles that achieve excellent quality while having only a minimal effect on the environment.

The issue of eco-sustainability has become very important in interior design and architecture, and the products developed by ICA Group demonstrate the high level of technological refinement reached by water-based coatings. These coatings offer undeniable advantages in terms of respect for the environment (solvent-based polyurethane coatings, in contrast, have high levels of toxic atmospheric emissions), guaranteeing aesthetic results and levels of performance that are often superior to those that can be achieved using the alternative technology of 100%-acrylic coatings. The water-based UV primer has greater levels of adhesion than similar solvent-based products, while the new water-based UV topcoats deliver top-quality performance in terms of matting and pore definition. In addition, the new water-based products also make it possible to endow the parquet with a far more natural appearance than can be achieved with 100%-acrylic coatings, and moreover, they can be used in combination with stains that imbue the oak with an “antique” look – for this reason, they can play a fundamental role in the creation of the most popular tonal effects. Water-based UV technology is, then, advantageous not only in terms of respect for the environment but also in terms of its capacity for alignment with current stylistic trends in interior design.

Moreover, ICA Group’s new coatings for pre-finished parquet can easily be combined, giving rise to entirely water-based cycles (using water-based UV primer, water-based UV basecoat and water-based UV topcoats). The versatility of these products also makes it possible to deploy mixed cycles, in combination with 100%-acrylic UV coatings. These solutions are just some of the results of the constant R&D activities carried out by ICA Group’s laboratories, which are an expression of the strategic importance attributed by the company to continuous technological improvement. From the outset, ICA Group has endeavored to fuse the defense of the environment with cutting-edge technology and high performance, creating products that meet the specific requirements of each user. This eco-centered approach has been gradually consolidated since 1983, when the company created its first water-based coatings. The decision to focus more and more closely on water-based coatings has been in response to the increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and the health of users – both those who work with coatings and those who live in contact with the products to which those coatings have been applied.

As a consequence of ICA Group’s dedication to reducing environmental impact, its range of bicomponent water-based coatings was awarded the LIFE mark by the European Union in recognition of the “sustainable long-term development” demonstrated by the company in its attempts to lower atmospheric pollution. ICA Group’s project was the only initiative in the coating-products sector to receive an award: the products developed were shown to work effectively towards a reduction in atmospheric emissions of Volatile Organic Solvents (VOSs). ICA Group’s products, which are intended for use by professional users, are sold all over the world. The company's highly specialized distributors cater to the requirements of the various industry sectors in which wood coatings are used (such as interior design, carpentry, boatbuilding, exterior fixtures, door and window frames, garden furniture, parquet flooring and musical instruments).

ICA's new coatings are distributed directly in North America; for more information, call +1519 7680732, or e-mail markl@icaamerica.biz.