MONHEIM, Germany - Because of past supply issues in higher ethylene amine derivatives and the concern for potential future issues, Cognis embarked on a technical program to identify viable alternative streams that could be used in the production of polyamide curing agents. As a result, Versamid® 116, the first in a series of TETA-free polyamide curatives, is being introduced into the market. This product will yield performance properties consistent with existing backbones, minimizing reformulation equirements. 
Polyamide resins based on dimerized fatty acids and polyamines have been used all over the world for over 50 years as the standard workhorse curative for two-part epoxy coatings and adhesives. Systems based on these curatives provide good flexibility, corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion and as such have found wide usage in maintenance, protective and marine coating systems. Cognis has developed Versamid 116, which is based on a novel amine feedstock, to reduce the potential of interrupted supply to customers in the event the company once again sees significant shortages in key amine building blocks.
Along with Versamid 116, Cognis will be introducing two different solvent blends: Versamid 116X70 (xylene solution) and Versamid 116I73 (isopropanol solution).