CAMBRIDGE, UK - How tiny is tiny? Well, it's nano, and nano is everywhere. It gives butterflies their color and geckos their sticky feet, it can make water-proof plants and honey-proof spoons, help us cure diseases and help stop climate change. Nano can even let us hear atoms "sing" and maybe one day connect our brains to the internet.
Learn more by watching a newly completed short film funded by the EC and Cambridge University Department of Engineering's Nanoscience Centre. The film, entitled Nanoyou, gives an introduction to the strange world of nanoscience and is narrated by Stephen Fry.
The Nanoscience Centre is a partner in an EU-funded project called Nanoyou, an educational portal that provides online resources for teachers, young people and those interested in an introduction to nanoscience. Other partners are from a range of countries and educational and societal areas that include the European Schoolnet in Brussels and the Barcelona Science Park. The Nanoyou Web site is packed with other nano resources, including a virtual nanotechnology lab, games and hands-on activities for the classroom.
The video was showcased at the end of January to a group of teachers from across Europe. It received enthusiastic reviews.
The NanoYou film can be found on the University UTube site at
Reproduced courtesy of University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering