PAULDING, OH - H.E. Orr Co., a coating company located in Paulding, OH, provides OEM e-coating and powder coating customers with significant cost savings and superior corrosion protection by combining two processes on one automated line. This combined coating approach is unique to the coating industry, as most firms provide these two disciplines on separate production lines or with costly ship-through agreements to separate facilities.
Greg Johnson, President of H.E. Orr, explained the rationale behind the manufacturing investment. "We determined that there was a strong demand for combining both coating processes on the same line. Few companies across the country are set up in this manner. This investment in our production facility saves our OEM customers time and money."
There are significant benefits to having e-coating and powder coating on one line. It saves time and transportation costs of moving parts to separate facilities. It saves re-racking time and labor costs over companies that have both processes at one plant but not on the same line. It simplifies parts-specification changes by dealing with one supplier and improves durability of the coating for very little cost by adding e-coating to parts that are currently only powder coated. It also improves quality control, accounting efficiencies and communications by using only one supplier.
To assure quality standards are met, Orr utilizes a zinc phosphate eight-stage pre-treatment that establishes an outstanding bonding surface prior to coating.