CLEVELAND – Though construction-related sales are generally down, demand for prepainted metal is taking hold in several key markets, including metal roofing, appliances and metal office furniture.

The metal roofing market is growing in replacement and new-construction applications as the residential and commercial markets learn of metal’s advantages over alternative materials. Commercial property owners looking to reduce their environmental impact are also turning to cool metal roofing for its durability and energy-saving benefits.

Whirlpool, Trane and General Electric are now using prepainted metal for many product lines. New features like fingerprint resistance, antimicrobial coatings, and color and design options are available with coil-coating technology. Prepainted metal also streamlines the production process and eliminates EPA compliance requirements of in-house painting. Using prepainted metal can make it simpler to introduce new product designs because the manufacturer does not have to incorporate painting into its production plans.

Metal office furniture manufacturers are also prime sources of demand for prepainted metal. Steelcase and XLM report a higher-quality product, lower costs and fewer hassles with the use of prepainted metal.