COLUMBUS, OH - The Powder Coating Research Group (PCRG), an independent product development and powder coating evaluation service, has expanded its laboratory and relocated to Columbus, OH. The new laboratory, located in downtown Columbus, boasts the capability to test novel advanced materials in market-specific powder coating formulations.

“This move gives us expanded capability to develop and test ultra-low-temperature cure powder coatings including UV-curable types,” said PCR Group’s founder and CEO Kevin Biller. “In addition, we’ve received an excellent reception from the technology community in Central Ohio.”

The Powder Coating Research Group is a leader in the development and licensing of advanced powder coating materials technology. Established in 2007, this coatings technology house focuses on providing cutting-edge materials and process solutions for coatings users and producers.

This is the first laboratory of its kind to provide comprehensive service in powder coating technology. Not only does it provide consulting and testing, but also laboratory sample preparation, evaluation and process scale-up. The PCR Group has genuine powder making capability including extrusion and grinding processing as well as application and curing equipment.

PCRG’s services benefit raw material suppliers entering the powder coating market, powder coating manufacturers and powder users looking for an unbiased evaluation of their products. In addition, research groups in need of powder coating development can utilize PCRG’s 30 years of powder formulation experience to achieve their goals. Visit for additional information.