PERSTORP, Sweden - Specialty chemicals company Perstorp, a leading supplier of caprolactones and its derivatives, announced that its current investment to double the production capacity of its Warrington, UK, site is on track. The expansion is expected to reach mechanical completion by the end of the year and begin commissioning in early 2011. The full capacity expansion is expected be on stream in the summer of 2011.

The market for caprolactone-based technology is growing rapidly, and Perstorp’s investment to double production capacity is a direct response to market demand, which is increasing by greater than five percent per year.

This investment is key to securing the future of the caprolactones industry and ensuring reliable supply for formulators who are already using or interested in exploring caprolactone-based technology in their applications.

“Our investment in a doubled capacity for caprolactones has continued throughout the global economic recession,” Vice President of Caprolactones Mårten Olausson commented. “We have a strong belief in the future of the Capa® product range and are committed to supporting and developing the caprolactone market.

” In polyurethane applications, where performance is the key differentiating factor, Perstorp’s Capa caprolactones present an attractive alternative for improving properties and end-product quality in many coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers applications. Capa polycaprolactones allow formulators to tailor even more precise properties in their end products. They also possess low viscosity, resulting in improved processability and lower VOC levels. They are used in applications such as injection grade TPUs, PUD synthesis, cast elastomers, reactive hot-melt adhesives and light-stable flexible coatings for leather and many other substrates.