FLORHAM PARK - Troy Corp. has announced that The Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada has approved the use of Polyphase PW20 for the protection of interior and exterior paints. Polyphase PW20 is a zero-VOC, broad-spectrum fungicide engineered to replace conventional solvent-based products. The product contributes zero VOCs, has a low toxicity profile and contains no alkylphenol-ethoxylates. It offers manufacturers the ability to meet sustainability and environmental goals without sacrificing performance.

“Troy developed Polyphase PW20 in anticipation of Canadian customers’ needs for a preservative that meets or exceeds market and regulatory demands for high performance, low toxicity, and broad capability. Polyphase PW20 is a complement to Troy’s diverse portfolio of dry-film preservative products and strengthens our commitment to providing environmentally sound products and service worldwide,” said David Faherty General Manager and Vice-President, Americas.