EYE Lighting International of North America has introduced a new super acceleration UV durability/weathering system that provides the fastest acceleration rate in the industry.

EYE Lighting International of North America, a subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd., has introduced a new super acceleration UV durability/weathering system that provides the fastest acceleration rate in the industry.

UV and weather durability testing is a necessity for any product that must endure the harsh treatment of Mother Nature. UV rays are the greatest cause of product deterioration. With solar module useful life expectancy now reaching beyond 30 years, laminate materials and components must be tested to verify durability under extended outdoor exposure. Faster accelerated life testing allows manufacturers to make product adjustments sooner in the development process.

EYE's SUV-W151 super acceleration UV chamber provides acceleration factors more than 10 times typical Xenon chambers. With the capability to deliver more than 30 times natural sunlight UV energy, this system can simulate three years of outdoor exposure in only nine days of testing.

Correlated acceleration factors up to 100 times natural solar UV irradiation provide proven, extended outdoor exposure evaluation testing.

Custom spectral filtering cuts UV irradiation below 295 nm to replicate natural sunlight, and an electronic feedback system ensures constant energy to target material.

The system includes a built in data-logger for data storage and simple transfer to common programs such as MS-Excel.

All weathering parameters and cycle functions are fully programmable, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV power, rest (night time), and cycle/duration timing.

Regardless of the product, this system can dramatically reduce testing time, improving quality and profitability.

About EYE Lighting NA Applied Optics - Solar Simulation Group

Eye Lighting NA Applied Optics Group is focused on Solar Simulation and climatic testing applications. In order to create a better global environment, great hopes are being placed on solar photovoltaic arrays (PV) as a future primary renewable energy source. EYE Lighting NA, and its parent company Iwasaki Electric, are proud that their solar simulation lighting systems are playing an active role in the basic research, product development, and manufacturing of new-technology PV products. Solar simulation lighting has become indispensable for the efficient development and production of high-performance, high-quality PV products.

EYE Lighting/Iwasaki Electric designs and manufactures the lighting source (lamps) and proprietary filters in addition to solar simulation equipment. This integrated approach is unique in the marketplace. Any solar simulation system is only as good as the lighting source. EYE systems are designed from inception around the proper lighting source for the particular application, from PV cell development to production test equipment. EYE Lighting/Iwasaki develops and produces a complete range of lighting technology including metal halide, xenon, halogen, UV light sources, and optics equipment designed specifically for solar simulation applications.