Diana Strongosky, Vice President of Research and Development at Sherwin Williams, delivered the keynote address at Coatings Trends and Technologies. Her address, titled Going Green Beyond Waterborne Coatings, focused on the need for each company to decide what “going green” means to them. Sherwin Williams’ focus on sustainability is called Ecovision, and incorporates the drive toward “going green” into five main areas: 1) Conserve, 2) Innovate, 3) Respect (for different cultures and communities), 4) Responsible (everyone is responsible for sustainability at SW), and 5) Improve.             Using this structure for Ecovision as her basis, Diana explained how companies can determine how they can “go green” beyond just creating “green” products. Companies can ensure that the manufacturing process, distribution and end-use application can also be more eco-friendly. Products can be produced more safely and efficiently, and can also improve the well-being of customers. Time and labor savings can be realized on the application side by developing products that can reach their full potential with just one coat. Essentially, companies need to consider the economics, the environment and society when thinking about sustainability.             Diana also discussed what is next in “green” coatings. We will continue to see conversion to low/zero-VOC products and the elimination of “toxic” raw materials. There will also be an increased use of bio-based, renewable raw materials, as well as increased durability and functionality of coatings.