AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – AkzoNobel announced that it plans to double its current revenue in China within five years. A target of $3 billion has been set for 2015, with China poised to play an integral role in AkzoNobel’s strategic focus on the world’s growth regions.

“The importance of Asia, particularly China, has long been emphasized by our company, and we are committed to expanding in the region, as recent investments have shown,” explained AkzoNobel CEO Hans Wijers. “Not only is China an important growth engine, but it is also rapidly establishing itself as a great center of innovation. It’s moving from made in China, via developed in China to innovated in China, and we believe it will become a global powerhouse for science, technology and invention. AkzoNobel wants to make its contribution to that journey.”

Speaking during the presentation of the AkzoNobel Science Awards at the Shanghai World Expo, Wijers went on to highlight the new €275 million Ningbo site and recent investments in new laboratory facilities as prime examples of the company’s ambitions in China.