LEVERKUSEN, Germany - Bayer MaterialScience AG is raising the selling prices for its coatings and adhesives resins in the regions Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Latin America (LATAM) by 7 to 15 percent, with immediate effect. Product lines affected include Desmophen® and Baycoll® solvent-free and solvent-borne polyesters, Desmophen, Baycoll® and Desmolith® hydrophobic co-reactants, Desmocoll® and Desmomelt® solid polyurethane resins, Baypren® polychloroprene, and Pergut® chlorinated rubber.

The company is also raising prices for waterborne and UV-curable products for coatings, textile, glass fiber sizing and adhesives applications, in particular for polyurethane dispersions (Bayhydrol®, Impranil®, Baybond® and Dispercoll U®), polyester dispersions (Bayhydrol), polyacrylate dispersions (Bayhydrol), UV-urable products (Bayhydrol, Desmolux®) and waterborne polychloroprene (Dispercoll C®), in the EMEA and LATAM regions between 3 and 9 percent, with immediate effect.

Effective May 1, Bayer MaterialScience AG is raising its selling prices for aromatic isocyanate derivatives in the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region by averaged six percent.

This price increase affects Desmodur® L, Desmodur IL, Desmodur HL, Desmodur E (TDI and MDI based), Desmodur RC, Desmodur RN, Desmodur® RE and Desmodur RFE.

The company announced that current contractual agreements will be fulfilled.