BETHESDA, MD - Radtech is sponsoring a free webinar, “New Test Method for Measuring VOCs from Thin Radiation-Curable Coatings.” Presented by Robin Wright of 3M, the webinar will take place May 4, 2011, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m., EDT.

Measurement of VOCs from thin radiation-curable coatings has been an industry issue for two decades. While ASTM D-5403 allows for VOC measurements to be made from thick coatings, it is not generally applicable to thin coatings, especially pigmented inks. In addition, there are currently no reported VOC data on the various monomers, oligomers or blends used in radiation-curable coatings, since there are no UV or EB exposure conditions provided by resin suppliers to cure these raw materials as required for using D-5403.

RadTech has endorsed a new test method developed at 3M that is based on D-5403 to measure the VOCs from acrylic monomers, oligomer and blends in which a standard photoinitiator and UV exposure condition is prescribed. This same procedure allows the VOCs of fully formulated inks, minus known interferences such as pigments, to be measured. This webinar will describe the method in detail and provide a video showing an actual test being done.

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