Incorez is launching Incorez 148/604 waterborne epoxy curing agent at Stand 9-114. The product will help companies comply with the requirements of the VOC Solvents Emissions Directive, the main policy instrument for the reduction of industrial emissions of VOCs in the European Union. The VOC Solvents Emissions Directive requires installations to comply either with the emission limit values set out in the Directive or with the requirements of the so-called reduction scheme.

Charles Lynch, Commercial Manager at Incorez, commented on the launch. “Our new waterborne epoxy curing agent, Incorez 148/604, is a water-soluble polyamine curing agent that is APEO-, formaldehyde- and solvent-free, and so does not contribute to the VOC levels of the coating formulation. It is designed to produce very tough and durable, high-gloss, water-based coatings with both liquid and solid epoxy resins. In particular, this hardener displays very good compatibility with neat bisphenol-A-type liquid epoxies, such as Epikote 828, to provide excellent hardness and cure development.”

Incorez is also presenting research in the form of three case studies, which demonstrate the use of oxazolidine technology.