HOUSTON – Officials with U.S. Zinc announced that the company’s zinc oxide plant in Changshu, Jiangsu, China, has been certified as a model unit in the recycling economy by the Suzhou Municipal Government. U.S. Zinc is only the ninth company in Changshu to receive this award.

“We are honored that U.S. Zinc has been recognized as part of this important program,” said Manfred Stanek, President of U.S. Zinc. “We are taking the necessary steps to reduce waste, reuse and recycle materials, and increase efficiency in our processes not just in China, but in all of our plants globally.”

U.S. Zinc began operating its Changshu zinc oxide plant in November 2007. The facility is located in the Changshu Economic Development Zone with many other corporations. These industries, all located within close proximity, work together to form a recycle chain where waste from one industry is then used by another industry as raw material for production. U.S. Zinc achieves zero waste in the operation of this facility. Additionally, U.S. Zinc’s plant uses natural gas and produces no wastewater in its processes.

The certification program began in 2008 as part of a Circular Economy Promotion Law established by the Chinese government. The initiative was created in response to China’s rapid industrial growth to reward companies doing business in China for reducing consumption and pollution, reusing resources, and recycling by-products. The goal of the recycling economy is to increase overall efficiency of resource utilization in China.