GLEN ALLEN, VA - Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has added a new report to its portfolio titled “Smart Coatings Markets - 2011.” The report is scheduled for release the week of Feb. 14, 2011. It addresses the growing market potential that smart coatings promise to deliver to coatings and materials suppliers, as well as companies within the energy, medical device, automotive, building products and military application markets.

Smart coatings provide an appropriate and predictable response to changes in environment, which offers a huge commercial potential for additional longevity, safety and efficiency. And, from the perspective of the coatings supplier, smart coatings offer a new way to add value to products, create protectable IP and attract capital. Although many of the most interesting smart coatings are only just beginning to emerge from industrial laboratories, NanoMarkets believes that these coatings have significant future revenue potential. Smart coatings have market opportunities in smart windows, photovoltaics, drug delivery systems, antimicrobials, anti-corrosives and advanced sensors.

This report identifies where the growth areas are for commercializing and marketing smart coatings, who the major players are and will be, and how smart coatings products will be enhanced in value by the latest developments in nanomaterials and bioengineering. It also discusses the interrelationship between smart coatings and the related areas of smart surfaces and multifunctional coatings. The report also includes an eight-year quantitative forecast by application and material type.

Additional information about the report is available