DEARBORN, MI - To help practitioners understand the implications of micro and nanomanufacturing processes, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers is presenting the Micromanufacturing Conference & Exhibitions and Nanomanufacturing Conference & Exhibitions. The exhibitions will take place in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, April 5-6, 2011. Registration includes admission to both events.

Presentations will discuss how micromanufacturing can improve part quality and lower production costs, sharing real examples that not only illustrate how to use the technologies, but also what not to do. Attendees can network with experts and peers in these fields, have specific problems solved by industry experts and find solution vendors for nearly every micromanufacturing challenge.

This year’s event features an Emerging Technology and Application area that will feature polishing, deburring, creation of surface structures and drug-delivery micro devices.

The Nanomanufacturing Conference will highlight the current, near-term and future applications of nanotechnology and how they are transforming the way products are manufactured. Attendees can discover the latest nanomanufacturing applications and trends in top-down fabrication and bottom-up assembly, learn how to integrate nanomanufacturing into existing products, and understand the benefits of the technologies’ high-throughput, low-cost processing. Participants also can network with experts and manufacturers from different industries including sensors, catalytics, medical, aerospace and defense, and coatings while they explore the closing gap between nanomanufacturing and micromanufacturing.

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