Citadel® Polyurea Coatings launches its Medici™ Polyurea Colour Coating System.

Citadel® Polyurea Coatings launches its Medici™ Polyurea Colour Coating System. This new system is capable of applying two colors at once in a unique pattern to produce a natural appearance with minimal effort, providing an elegant look simulating marble, slate or any stone.

At the core of the system is Citadel’s Polyurea-1 HD™, the workhorse of their series of Single Component Polyurea (SCP) floor coatings, ensuring that it outlasts any other acrylic or acid stain system currently on the market. Like all SCP solutions, it has a virtually unlimited pot-life, allowing installers as much time as they wish to finish their projects with no waste. It is optically clear and very high gloss, giving it a better sheen and making Medici’s colours more vibrant than traditional floor coatings. Its self-leveling properties prevent it from forming roller lines, reducing labor costs. With 100% UV stability and extremely low VOCs, Polyurea-1 HD is ideal for making the Medici system usable both indoors and out.

“The wide variety of colors available among our selection of Colour Shots, when applied with our Dualie Roller™, makes it easy to simulate virtually any natural stone desired,” says Patrick Ilfrey, CEO / founder of Citadel.

The Medici System offers several benefits, both to contractors and their customers, over epoxy and traditional polyurea. Some of its more notable benefits include:

  • Elegant look (simulates marble, slate or any natural stone);

  • Easy application (Dualie Roller makes color combination simple);

  • Unlimited pot life (installers have more time to put down product and ensure consistency);

  • No waste (it will not cure in the pan, allowing you to use everything you pour out);

  • 100 percent UV stability (it can be used both indoors and out);

  • Optically clear;

  • High gloss;

  • Self-leveling;

  • Fast cure: 4-8 hours walk-on time (even with multiple product layers, return-to-service time is less than 24 hours);

  • Year-round installations (product can be installed in temperatures from zero to 120º);

  • Flexibility and strength (100 percent more flexible and 20 times stronger than epoxy);

  • Extremely low VOCs (minimal odor and environmental impact);

Medici’s unique composition allows it to retain polyurea’s usual 4 to 8 h cure rate and 24 h return to service when applied, despite its unlimited pot-life. It also retains polyurea’s elongation and flexibility, and remains a “green” product.