SCHAUMBURG, IL -- The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has published a new standard, AAMA 633-11, Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Exterior Stain Finishes on Wood, Cellulosic Composites and Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Window and Door Components. The standard covers factory-applied coatings intended for service in exterior environments and describes test procedures and performance requirements for exterior stain finishes for windows, doors and similar building products. It is intended to assist the architect, owner and contractor in specifying and obtaining factory-applied stain finishes.

Provisions within AAMA 633-11 include a general overview, specific test specimens and procedural tests sampling for color uniformity, specular gloss and film adhesion, chemical resistance and detergent resistance, humidity resistance, cold crack cycle and oven aging, and weather exposure.

The new standard is available to AAMA members and non-members. To order, visit the AAMA Online Publication Store. For additional information,