HELSINKI, Finland – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that Oleinitec AB will distribute Thermo Scientific rheometers, viscometers, lab mixers and extruders in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. By combining the market expertise of Oleinitec with Thermo Scientific instruments, customers can now access a combination of application expertise and best-in-class rheology and extrusion solutions to help them achieve greater success in their markets.

“We are excited that Oleinitec will distribute our premium rheology and lab extrusion solutions in Scandinavia, and we consider this a solid foundation for future growth,” said Markus Schreyer, Vice President and General Manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s material characterization business. “Oleinitec brings deep experience, a high level of onsite support (including training and courses), consultant method development and maintenance by authorized service engineers. Our customers in Scandinavia will benefit greatly from this expertise.”