HILLSBORO, OR - Phoseon Technology, Integration Technology Limited and Lumen Dynamics have joined together to form the UV LED Curing Association. The new association has been established to address a growing need within the market for current and potential researchers, suppliers, integrators, and end users to gain a better understanding about UV LED technology and the significant benefits it brings to numerous applications.

The UV LED Curing Association is focused on providing greater insight into the various UV LED solutions currently in the marketplace and developing applications that are well suited to the technology. One of the goals of the association is to demonstrate how system developers around the world can effectively integrate UV LED technology into applications and, where possible, achieve better efficiencies while saving costs.

The founders of the association will work together to help define and establish UV LED-based guidelines for UV LED curing applications. This goal will become increasingly important as the adoption rate of UV LED technology continues to rise and the need for industry collaboration becomes critical. The association will also serve as a forum for fostering communication within the UV industry in order to facilitate the exchange of information and enable the entire industry to better address market needs.

While complimentary to other existing and well-established associations, the UV LED Curing Association focuses only on UV LED curing technology and its applications.

To learn more about the association and its offerings, e-mail info@uvledcuring.org or visitwww.uvledcuring.org.