Atlas Material Testing Technology has made enhancements to the Xenotest® Alpha, renamed Alpha+, to improve ease of use and instrument control. Equipped with a convenient touch-screen display, the improved instrument allows weathering testing to be programmed and performed with a touch of a button. The actual test state and the graphical progress of test parameters can be easily read off the full color display. With the PC interface RS 232, the USB slave port and the SmartMedia™ card, data can be easily transferred.

At the heart of the enhancements is the microprocessor control system with the latest generation of fibre optic cables that allows an optimal data transfer between process control and system modules. Another benefit of the new instrument is the simplified menu-driven programming with 10 free programmable tests, plus up to 10 additional pre-programmed standard tests. A rotating Xenosensiv® sensor measures irradiance and black standard temperature at the sample level in accordance with ISO/DIN standards, while a stationary sensor measures the test chamber temperature and the relative humidity.

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