Gary M. Marchwick was employed by Sherwin Williams and Glidden Corp. prior to his employment at Ferro Corp. While working with Ferro, Gary held the positions of area manager for both the north central and western regions of the Powder Coating Division, business development manager for the Industrial Coating Group, national accounts manager in automotive coatings and team leader of the midwest region in the Powder Coating Division. He was active in North American sales and marketing which includes the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and also handled special assignments in Japan and China.

Gary was involved in many pioneering efforts in the finishing industry. He led the introduction of urethane chemistry paints to the agricultural market. He orchestrated the approval of clear acrylic powders for the aluminum wheel industry, which became the industry standard. He led teams of colleagues on special assignments in the powder coatings market prior to his retirement.

Gary had a special talent for managing his professional relationships and combining them with warm, personal friendships that stood the test of time. Gary was an entertainer, teacher, counselor and raconteur. Those who knew him well knew his attention-getting phrase, "Let me ask you a question." Remember the story about the knots in the side of the barn?

Gary was an avid sportsman, outdoorsman and people person. He wanted to become a teacher of the art of salesmanship. Those who knew and worked with Gary all learned much from him.

He retired to Ten Mile Lake near Hackensack where he spent time fishing and enjoying the outdoors. He was a member of the Virginia Rifle Club and the National Rifle Association.

Several years ago, Gary moved to Gilbert, MN, where he fought a courageous battle with throat cancer. He lost that battle in September.

Gary is survived by a son, Jason M. Marchwick of Hackensack; sister, Mary M. (Gene) Richard of Virginia; brothers, John E. (Dorothy) Marchwick of Pequot Lakes, Minn., David A. (Barbara) Marchwick of Lewiston, Minn., and Patrick J. (Brenda) Marchwick of Owatonna, Minn.; and numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife, Leatha Gray Marchwick, and his parents.

A Personal Tribute

Gary was a pioneer in powder coating. He was there in the '70s when the new technology arrived, and he put in a lot of work, time and skill to bring powder to the industrial forefront. Powder paint doesn't get much recognition from the public because it's strictly an industrial application, but a good number of products everyone sees and touches everyday are powder coated. Remember the old days when you opened the hood and everything was rusty? Today, when you open the car's hood, everything is nice and painted. Gary was integral in making that happen. Gary, you made us proud!

I never met a person who didn't like Gary. He was always courteous, considerate, warm and friendly. Gary had a way about him that made you feel like he was an old friend and you had known him for a long time, even if you had just met him. He was a good manager. He knew how to get the best out of people and still maintain their respect. He was a special person, and he will be missed by many.

-One who had the honor to know and work with him