Aerial view of Degussa's dispersion plant in Mobile, Ala. The plant more than doubles the company's global production capacity for Aerodisp products.
In May 2005, Degussa began operation of a new plant for the manufacture of Aerosil fumed silica dispersions, which are known under the Aerodisp trademark. The plant is part of Degussa's production site in Mobile, Ala., and more than doubles its global production capacity for Aerodisp products. With the latest dispersing technologies, Degussa now has the capability to produce a broad portfolio of aerosil fumed silica dispersions within NAFTA, a key market for these products.

The new dispersion plant will initially focus on water-based dispersions of fumed silica, which are part of the comprehensive lineup of Aerodisp dispersions. Additional products include dispersions of fumed alumina, fumed titanium dioxide and fumed mixed oxide.

Liquid dispersions have several advantages over powder, including they are easier to handle; easier to pump and dose; reduce transportation and storage costs; and are efficiently dispersed - simple mix-in is sufficient, eliminating the need for high-shear equipment. They also improve clarity of adhesives, coatings and sealants.

The dispersions add value in several different applications, including increasing clarity and scratch-resistance of paint and coating systems and for coil coating.

As a producer of fumed silicas and other metal oxides sold by the Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit under the Aerosil brand name, Degussa has production sites in Rheinfelden and Leverkusen (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Roussillon (France) and also in the United States, in Mobile, Ala., and Waterford, N.Y. Yokkaichi (Japan) and Map Ta Phut (Thailand) supply the Asian region.