Ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) usage posted a 35th consecutive annual gain in North American sales in 2005, reaching 95,000 metric tons of formulated chemical products, according to results of the RadTech biennial market survey. Demand for UV/EB is now growing at just over 7% annually, marking the fastest growth rates since 1999. Survey results indicate cautious optimism of continued high single digit overall growth over the next three years, with some applications reaching double-digit gains.

Survey respondents pointed to several areas that are primed to become significant applications for UV/EB technology, including digital inks/ink jet, food packaging, aerospace and defense, automotive parts and refinish, and general metal products. Growth in UV/EB technology in North America, by volume, has been driven by applications in commercial printing and food and non-food packaging and wood. (While other applications, such as electronics, accounted for considerable industry growth and high dollar value sales, the actual volumes of formulated product usage are smaller. The Radtech survey covered volume usage only.) Survey results indicate continued significant growth opportunities in certain segments of wood and graphic arts, as well as increased penetration into various industrial coating applications.

A copy of the "RadTech UV/EB Market Report" is available at no charge at the website link below.