The new RONOVEL™ CS-100 electrolytic hard gold plating solution from Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials is designed to minimize gold deposition onto unwanted areas during gold plating of components, such as connectors. Deposits produced from the process meet the requirements of ASTM B-488 Type 2, 3 Code C, D. Since the process uses a low gold metal content (standard gold metal concentration is 4 g/L) and is still capable of achieving a large operating current density range of 5 to 60 A/dm2, the solution reportedly helps reduce drag-out costs. In addition, it minimizes "bleed" deposition under masked areas while reducing immersion plating, due to the use of a special additive designed for this purpose. As a result, the company reports that the new plating process drastically reduces deposition onto unwanted areas in partial plating applications, such as spot plating, while offering equal or better performance in hardness, wear resistance and wetting compared to existing products.

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