The Binks LEL™ (Low Emission Laminators) gel coat systems are designed to provide a maximum resin transfer at a lower velocity spray compared to other systems. In recent months, these systems have provided dramatic and documented savings for leading suppliers of the wind turbine and watercraft industries. For example, a supplier of wind turbine blades was experiencing double-digit sales growth, and needed updated gel-coating methods to speed up production and help meet demand. The company began replacing high-pressure airless gel coating equipment with Binks LEL External Mix Systems and Air Atomized Gel Coat Outfits. As a result of the upgrade, gel coating time was cut from 45 minutes to 24 minutes per part; gel coat material costs were cut by 25%; and spare parts usage decreased by approximately 30%, due to fewer moving parts within the Binks LEL system.

In another case, a major supplier of watercraft for the marine industry was devoting full-time manhours to maintenance on its AA gel coaters. Maintenance costs on guns and pumps were averaging over $100,000 per year, interrupting ongoing operations and detracting from maintenance in other areas of production. The company installed Binks LEL gel coaters and heaters, accompanied by elevators, air-operated mixers and hose systems. This new configuration and the reliability of the Binks LEL equipment has virtually eliminated the need for full-time maintenance on the guns and pumps, saving the company more than $100,000 in maintenance costs.

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