High-Temperature Hose

THE FLEXAUST CO., INC.: The Flex-Lok® SF Series high temperature hose features silicone silver fiberglass fabric that is mechanically crimped in a continuous process to create a "locked" construction that is flexible and compressible. Designed to be easier to move around than conventional silicone hose, it is offered in a single-ply version for service to 550°F and a two-ply version with a gas-tight inner liner and a polyurethane wear strip for service to 600°F. The hose is available in sizes from 3 to 18" I.D. and standard 25' lengths. An ET version, constructed from aluminum-coated fiberglass, is also available for use up to 1050°F. Call 800.343.0428 or visitwww.flexaust.com.

Powder Coating Booth

WAGNER SYSTEMS, INC.: The new "Basic Design" PrimaFlow powder coating booth is a modular, conveyorized booth system that is pre-engineered for easy assembly and operation. Constructed of either galvanized steel or stainless steel, the booth ships totally assembled for quick installation. Several other components, including the integrated booth control panel, also come pre-assembled and pre-wired. The booth features a removable cartridge module that allows quick and simple color changes. With one automatic gun slot located on each side of the booth, the booth can accommodate both automatic and manual applications. The slotted roof tunnel is configured for coating parts on both sides of the conveyor for optimized coating efficiency. Call 630.784.8900 or visitwww.wagnersystemsinc.com.

Moisture/Solids Analyzer

ARIZONA INSTRUMENT LLC: The Computrac® MAX® 2000XL moisture/solids analyzer has been approved to conform to the new ASTM method D7232-06 "Standard Test Method for Rapid Determination of the Nonvolatile Content of Coatings by Loss in Weight." The rapid loss-on-drying technology is designed to help companies make quality products as efficiently as possible while minimizing the energy and time associated with traditional testing methods. Call 800.290.1414 or 602.470.1414, or visitwww.azic.com.

Painting Machine

SPRAYMATION: The 360176 Reciprocator is a member of this company's new S3 generation of reciprocators. Electronically programmable, the system is designed to provide precise, repeatable motion and painting. A simple operator interface offers immediate push-button control of speed, stroke length and position. The machine uses a modular design that can be customized for any application. In/out motions and wrist actions can be added. Call 800.327.4985 or visitwww.spraymation.com.

Membrane Dryers

LA-MAN CORP.: The SuperStar membrane dryers, which provide ultra-clean and dry compressed air, have been developed as a point of use filter designed to lower the dew point of the compressed air stream by continuously removing water vapor and venting into the surrounding atmosphere. The dryers can be obtained with dew point temperatures as low as -40°F, a range of flow capabilities and various pressure ratings for applications such as paint spraying, material finishing and powder coating. Call 800.348.2463 or 386.304.0411 or visit www.laman.com .

Water-Cooled UV Light Source

PHOSEON TECHNOLOGY: This company has released a water-cooled version of its RX Starfire solid-state UV light source for curing applications. The new product provides up to twice the UV light intensity for faster ink curing, as well as a smaller form factor than the air-cooled version of the RX Starfire, making it attractive for embedding in high-throughput printing equipment that uses UV-cured inks. The water-cooled version is also one-fourth the height and can have up to twice the peak output over the same emitting area when compared to the air-cooled version. Call 503.439.6446 or visitwww.phoseon.com.

Electronic Ballast for UV Lamps

UV PROCESS SUPPLY: A new solid-state power supply for UV lamps provides 1800 watts and plugs directly into a 110-240 VAC outlet. It can drive mercury or metal halide or gallium lamps from 2" to more than 20". The unit features remote control with dimming down to 30% and on/off and lamp status LEDs, and weighs 7 lbs. Call 773.248.0099 or visitwww.uvprocess.com.

Ball Bearing Suspension Viscometer Option

BROOKFIELD ENGINEERING LABORATORIES, INC.: A new ball bearing suspension system option is designed to provide extended durability for viscometers that experience exceptionally heavy use, multiple operators or dusty and dirty work environments. The system is available on the company's new DV-I+, DV-II+Pro viscometers and DV-III Ultra Rheometers with higher torque ranges (RV, HA and HB). The system can also be retrofitted on existing instruments that have the standard pivot point and jewel system. Call 800.628.8139 or 508.946.6200, or visitwww.brookfieldengineering.com.

High-Efficiency Filter Media

FARR AIR POLLUTION CONTROL: The new HemiPleat™ HE (High Efficiency) filter reportedly offers a MERV 15 efficiency rating with up to twice the service life and half the pressure drop of standard dust collector cartridge filters. Available in filter sizes to fit any cartridge collector, the media can be used to capture toxic or other ultrafine dusts, and for applications in which process air is recirculated downstream of the collector for energy savings. The filter combines the HemiPleat technology with an HE synthetic fine fiber media to yield a filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5 micron particles and larger. A patent-pending design holds the pleats of the filter open, making virtually all of the media surface available for filtration. Call 800.479.6801 or 870.933.8048, or visitwww.farrapc.com.

Indirect Gas-Fired Heaters

DES CHAMPS TECHNOLOGIES: The new Vari-Max IFRG indirect gas-fired heaters are reportedly 90%+ efficient and capable of a 1000°F (538°C) temperature rise with a 1200°F (649°C) discharge temperature. Call 540.291.1111 or visitwww.des-champs.com.

Non-Contact Spectrophotometer

X-RITE, INC.: The VeriColor™ Spectro non-contact spectrophotometer provides in-line color measurement for most industrial processes. The small (about the size of an overhead projector) non-contact device mounts right into the production line and measures the color of every part, typically soon after it exits an extruder or molder. Tolerances can be set and visually monitored for pass/fail and warning limits using the instrument's process monitoring software, through integration via a PLC, or hardwired to a tree light, alerting operators immediately of any change or drift in color so the problem can be fixed before running off bad parts. The unit reportedly can be installed up to 4" away from production parts and still deliver accurate measurements, and it maintains its accuracy within ±¼", regardless of the inevitable vibration of a manufacturing line. Call 616.257.2378 or visitwww.xrite.com.

Spray Gun

KREMLIN: The new AVX automatic Airmix® spray gun was designed with a smaller, lightweight body, two different bases for rear or side fluid inlets, and the ability to circulate through the gun base or the gun body. The new gun has streamlined fluid passages to reduce the potential for shearing when used with waterbased coatings. Call 866.EXELNA2 (393.5622) or visitwww.exel-na.com.

End-of-Arm Tooling

VACCON: This company's new end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) product line is available in simple, compact, easy-to-connect components or as complete tool assemblies that are fully configured, plumbed and tested with one connection for out-of-the-box installation. All of the company's EOAT components - including venturi vacuum pumps, high flow manifold blocks, vacuum cups, and spring levelers - are fraction and metric T-slot compatible. Visitwww.vaccon.com.

Blower Packages

KAESER COMPRESSORS, INC.: This company now stocks a full range of Com-paK Plus rotary lobe blower packages in 5 to 200 hp as part of its new Quick-Ship package blower series. Available for immediate delivery, most units can be shipped in one working day. The units include the proprietary tri-lobe Omega Plus profile, as well as a generously sized motor, silencers, instrumentation and valves. All maintenance points, including the automatic belt tensioning device, oil drains and filter elements, are accessible through the wide-opening canopy on the front. All power and process connections are at the rear, which allows multiple units to be mounted side by side with no need for additional access clearance. Call 800.777.7873 or visitwww.kaesercompressors.com.

Electric Truck Oven

THE GRIEVE CORP.: No. 911 is an electrically heated, 500°F (260°C) truck oven designed for paint baking. The oven features an aluminized steel exterior, 4" thick insulated walls and a type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior with continuously backwelded seam construction. The unit also includes a 650-cfm powered forced exhauster, motorized dampers on the fresh air intake and exhaust for accelerated cooling, a digital indicating temperature controller, a strip chart recorder, an SCR power controller, a four-color tower light to indicate process status, and an over-temperature alarm. For more information, call 847.546.8225 or visitwww.grievecorp.com.

Differential Pressure Sensor

SENSOR SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, INC.: The improved wet/wet differential pressure sensor Model 5300 is available in five standard pressure range configurations (5, 15, 30, 100 and 300 psid), as well as OEM customizations. It features a standard 4-20 mA amplified output; available options include both unamplified mV and amplified 1-5 V outputs. In addition, the unit is equipped with a ¼"-18 NPTM Port or can be optionally outfitted with a ¼"-27 NPTF Port. Custom configurations are also available. Visitwww.corp3s.com.


BACOU-DALLOZ HEARING SAFETY GROUP: The Howard Leight® AirSoft® multiple-use earplugs have been redesigned and updated. First introduced nearly 30 years ago, AirSoft uses an internal air pocket to provide a high noise reduction rating (NRR 27). The updated earplugs include new material, new design features and new engineering technologies that reportedly provide even better fit, comfort and performance. Call 800.430.5490 or visitwww.hearingportal.com.

Wireless Data Loggers

DICKSON: This company's D250 and D251 wireless data loggers for temperature and humidity monitoring are designed to provide flexibility in monitoring technology without wiring constraints. The data loggers allow users to create a monitoring network from a PC, eliminate the need for manual data downloading, provide tested wireless connections to USB ports, avoid location constraints and costs for wiring installation, send alarm notifications directly to a PC, and are supplied with user-friendly software. Call 630.543.3747 or visitwww.dicksonweb.com.

Paint Flow Meters

UNIVERSAL FLOW MONITORS, INC. This company has introduced a new series of variable area meters for measuring and monitoring paint flow in circulating paint systems. The piston-style and vane-style flow meters monitor flow rate and transmit a consistent paint flow without harming pigment. They provide flow indication to assist in problem diagnosis, and they respond immediately if the flow goes too low. The series includes LL piston-style meters for flows from .1 to 3 gal/min, SN vane-style meters for flows from 3 to 20 gal/min, and MN vane-style meters for flows from 20 to 160 gal/min. Construction materials include nickel-plated cast iron or 316 (L) stainless steel. The meters are available with optional transmitters. Call 248.542.9635 or visitwww.flowmeters.com.

Enclosureless Dust Collectors

DUSTVENT, INC.: A new line of non-powered enclosureless dust collectors has been designed for low-cost wood production facility expansion. The systems can be used in conjunction with existing material handling fans to enable users to meet temporary or permanent increased capacity needs. The freestanding filters come in a variety of sizes up to 1000 ft2 of filter area and are appropriate for 800-20,000 cfm. The collectors are reportedly easy to install and require minimal floor space for the amount of filter capacity provided. Available options include dust removal drawers, hopper-style dust catches, manual/electric/pneumatic shakers and outdoor configurations. Call 800.KLEENUP or visitwww.dustvent.com.

UV Curing System

XENON CORP.:The CoolCureXL® RC-801 is a pulsed UV light curing system that can specifically match the required footprint for demanding heat-sensitive, batch- or continuous-process curing applications. It provides instant on/off control, fast cycle times, deep penetration and cool operation. Ideal for heat-sensitive applications, this system can be supplied with a custom lamp designed to precisely match the process and product requirements and completely cure the target area with a uniform UV dose. Call 800.936.6695 or visitwww.xenoncorp.com.

Rotating Kiosk

MAGNATAG® VISIBLE SYSTEMS: The free-standing RotoCube® rotating kiosk bulletin tower allows large amounts of information to be displayed, viewed and processed just about anywhere in a factory or business. The system's four panels contain 24 ft2 of display space. The unit can be ordered with any of 13 different panels, including magnetic white boards, plain or printed five-day, seven-day or monthly calendars, Kanban systems, cork, fabric, holders for photos, cards and file folders or custom-printed steel whiteboards. Call 203.325.8772 or visitwww.magnatag.com/rotocube.

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