Elcometer, Inc. has agreed to be the exclusive distributor for an eye-safe violet light emitting diode (LED) inspection light developed by SureFire, LLC for the industrial protective coating and marine coating inspection markets. The new SureFire “Fluorescenator” features a virtually indestructible, six-watt, purple Class 1 LED module that aids in evaluating the coverage of fluorescing coatings. The light has a beam wavelength of 405 nm (+/- 5 nm), which the human eye perceives as purple light. This “purple” wavelength is particularly useful in revealing any voids or pinholes in a coating’s coverage, which could lead to potential damage.

The light is powered by two 3-volt 123A lithium batteries, which provide 45 minutes of runtime. It features a click-on/off push button on its patented lockout tailcap, which prevents accidental activation during transport or storage. The light’s current is digitally regulated, providing more consistent light output for the useable life of its two batteries.

For more information, call 800.521.0635 or visitwww.elcometer.com.