ALMCO, Inc.: The new Model SBB-12 spiral-bottom round-bowl finishing machine has a full-circle baffle that keeps parts in the media mass constantly for faster, more precise processing. The unit has a 12 ft3, urethane-lined tub for parts protection. Other models initially available have tub capacities of 8 and 15 ft3; custom-designed models will offer capacities up to 100 ft3. The new spiral design features automatic separation of parts from the abrasive media at pre-determined intervals according to finishing requirements. Its separating screen surface reportedly is longer than other round-bowl designs, which permits faster separation of parts and machine unloading. The company reports that a key benefit of the spiral design is its uphill tub bottom, which provides a larger rolling mass right to the screen area. This design allows larger parts to be lifted up the dam and over the screening area. Larger parts can be processed in the tub because of greater clearance between the screen and tub bottom. Call 800.521.1740 or