Brewer Science, a provider of leading-edge materials and processes to the semiconductor industry, has released the first commercially available microelectronics-grade carbon nanotube (CNT) coating. A breakthrough in the refinement of the carbon nanotube material reportedly enables the removal of metallic and carbonaceous contaminants. According to the company, the solution is easily applied by spinning, spraying, micro-dispensing, or ink-jet printing.

“This breakthrough carbon nanotube coating opens up a new realm of possible avenues of emerging technology,” said Jim Lamb, Brewer Science’s director of corporate business development. “We will see the viability of carbon nanotubes being used to form not only nonvolatile memory, but also thermal conductive coatings, touch screen displays, chemical/biological sensors, and carbon-based electronics. These carbon nanotube networks are easily patterned by traditional photolithography processes to allow placement and use of the electrical and mechanical properties of the nanotubes within a device.”

Brewer Science is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of microelectronics-grade CNT coating for NRAM™ field of uses under a technology license from Nantero, Inc.

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