While a variety of ASTM International standards currently exist for the testing of thermoplastic pavement marking materials, there has been a need to develop practices that address both the proper sampling methods and the correct way to prepare a sample prior to testing. Two new ASTM standards - D 7307, Practice for Sampling of Thermoplastic Marking Materials, and D 7308, Practice for Sample Preparation of Thermoplastic Traffic Marking Materials - aim to meet these needs. Both standards were developed by Subcommittee D01.44 on Traffic Coatings, part of ASTM International Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications.

According to Jerry Britt, director of technical services, Ennis Paint, Inc., and chair of Task Group D04.38.08, thermoplastic pavement markings have been used in marking highways for more than 50 years. “Thermoplastic pavement markings, depending on the specification to which they are manufactured, perform for two to eight years,” says Britt. “Thermoplastic pavement markings are made to a large number of specifications and are currently being used all over the world.”

Because of this widespread use, the importance of testing thermoplastic markings has increased, which led to the development of D 7307 and D 7308.

“Due to the composition of the material and the process in which it is manufactured, the techniques used in obtaining a sample for testing and the preparation of the obtained sample are key factors in getting reliable results in the laboratory testing of the material to ensure compliance with governing specifications,” says Britt.

Independent laboratories and state Department of Transportation labs that perform testing on thermoplastic pavement marking materials will be able to use the new standards to insure they are getting accurate results. D 7307 and D 7308 will also be referenced in ASTM test methods for thermoplastic pavement markings.

For more information, contact Jerry Britt, Ennis Paint Inc., Wesson, MS at 601.833.2150, e-mail jerry.britt@ennispaint.net, or visitwww.astm.org.

Committee D01 will meet Jan. 20-22, 2008, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For membership or meeting information, contact Jeffrey Adkins, technical committee operations, ASTM International, at 610.832.9738 or e-mail jadkins@astm.org.