Convenience Products, maker of SEAL-KRETE brand products, has introduced new Concrete Colors semi-transparent, water-based stains for concrete surfaces. The stains are available in four pre-mixed colors, a tint base, and a clear low-luster sealer. A range of 30 colors is available with base tinting.

The stains were developed to provide a premium decorative finish and exceptional protection to bare horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces. They feature a 20% solids content and are resistant to stains, oil, gas, salt and chloride, thereby extending the life of underlying concrete surfaces. According to the company, the stains penetrate deeply into concrete surfaces and, depending on the porosity, can be applied to achieve a variety of different visual effects. Adding a topcoat or sealer will add gloss, while using the stains alone will achieve a low-luster finish for an aged look.

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