Seaside Environmental Marine Coatings has developed MarineTech, a nontoxic, long-lasting coating system for boat bottoms. According to the company, the pollution-free product not only protects hulls, bottoms and decks, but it also increases boat speed, creates less drag, and provides up to 30% fuel savings.

The resin-bound system discourages sea life from attaching to the bottom of ships and slowing down the ship, thereby increasing fuel consumption. It is a 100% nonporous sealant that bonds to metal, fiberglass, plywood or concrete, increasing the strength of the substrate without releasing metal debris or water fouling. After it is applied, the coating quickly cures to a lightweight, non-stick shell, enhancing the base material. It allows for expansion and contraction by remaining flexible. It doesn’t shatter or crack, and it effectively repels unwanted barnacles, seaweed, and slime-coating bacteria from attaching to the finish.

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