Rohm and Haas Co. has said that its Vision 2010 Plan announced one year ago is on track to deliver on its goals of building a company with $11 to $12 billion in sales and $5.50 to $6.00 per share in earnings by 2010. This performance is driven by accelerated growth in its leading business segments, complemented by expansion in rapidly developing economies.

Key outcomes include focusing the company’s business portfolio to build three core businesses: a $3.5+ billion Electronic Materials business; a $3+ billion Coatings business; and a $1.5 billion portfolio of highly profitable, technologically differentiated businesses, supporting emerging needs in the water, energy, hygiene, and food markets.

On a geographic basis, the company forecasts a more balanced distribution of its sales and earnings by 2010, with North America representing 35% of total sales, and rapidly developing economies in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America representing another 35% of sales, with the remaining 30 percent represented by Western Europe, Japan and Australia.

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