Advanced robot system networking and communications software from Motoman can enable secure connections between remote PCs and Motoman robot solutions on the factory floor, providing simple to sophisticated cell control, monitoring and backup.

MotoAdminsoftware provides remote control, status monitoring, and backup of robot programs and data through a secure network connection with three levels of password protection. Via a PC connected to the robot controller, a user can remotely view and manipulate robot system data, including uploading, downloading, and viewing jobs (programs), variables and I/O. Jobs can be started, stopped or put on hold, and robot modes can be monitored. Programmed jobs can be changed only with the supervisory password. Alarm history can also be downloaded and viewed. Robot alarms can be canceled and reset.

File Management Systemsoftware performs automated file backup and archiving functions, providing security for your intellectual property (process knowledge) as well as version control of programming data.

MotoFTPis PC-based software with three-levels of security that enables users to upload and download robot files to and from the robot controller via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connection. It also has a feature that allows the operator to compare a file on the robot controller to a previously stored file on the PC and identify any changes that may have been made.

MotoCom SDKis a robot communication software development kit that provides users with the ability to create custom applications that communicate with Motoman robots, allowing control of a robot and its data through a communication connection (interface). Example interface screens can easily be modified and customized to provide a flexible and unique communications interface for your robotic system.

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