Enthone Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, has opened newly formed companies in Romania (Enthone S.R.L.) and Slovakia (Enthone s.r.o.).

Enthone S.R.L. is located in Bucuresti, Romania and was acquired from Galvano Bial, Enthone’s long-time sales representative. The former owners of Galvano Bial, Mr. Franz Hoffner and Mr. Petrisor Popescou, have been appointed to lead the Enthone S.R.L. management team. Mr. Hoffner has been named the Country Manager and Mr. Popescou has been named Sales Director. Enthone also has retained all former Galvano Bial technical service personnel to ensure the continuity of the exceptional technical support Romanian customers have experienced for many years.

Enthone s.r.o. is located in Piestany, Slovakia and was acquired from GV Service Slovakia, Enthone’s previous sales agent. Mirek Miskech, the former owner of GV Service, has been appointed country manager, and Jozef Gall has been appointed sales representative for the company.

Enthone’s European marketing organization and the company’s East of Europe product specialists will provide further support to both Enthone S.R.L. and Enthone s.r.o.

For more information, visitwww.enthone.com.