Four-color literature on a new abrasive blasting machine with numerous beneficial features is available from ALMCO, Inc. According to the manufacturer, the Model ATB-7 offers greater cleaning speed and better cycle times than tumble blast units from other sources for effective cleaning of castings and other metal parts. The machine’s compact size and unusual lift points on the top and bottom allow moving it from one location to another if necessary.

The new literature highlights the machine’s patented Smartwheel™ blasting wheel that delivers 325 lb/min of abrasive at 300 fps velocity, for faster cleaning and cycle times. Other features include heavy-duty cabinet construction with structural steel members for extra strength; a special NEMA 12 control panel completely wired; a swing-away design that allows access to mill rolls and bearings; double doors on the rear of the cabinet allowing easy access to the cabinet and screens; a heavy-duty, 40-inch-wide, reinforced mill belt with specially designed ribs to aid in tumbling and unloading; and gear box-driven motors with no belts, chains, sprockets or guards.

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