DVUV, LLC has been selected for an Emerging Technology Award by RadTech International North America, the industry association formed to advance ultraviolet and electron beam (UV and EB) technology. The award was presented during the second biennial RadTech President Awards Dinner on May 6 and is designed to recognize companies who are leveraging the potential of UV and EB science to develop breakthrough technologies. DVUV was one of seven companies chosen for this year’s award, along with Armstrong Flooring, Ford Motor Co., General Motors and 3M.

DVUV, founded in 2005, combines advanced powder coating chemistry and UV curing processes to deliver finishes for medium density fiberboard (MDF) and other heat-sensitive substrates. The 2008 Radtech award recognizes the company’s patent-pending LaserWood® product, which uses laser imaging and a UV-cured powder coating to create authentic-looking wood finishes directly on raw MDF, without veneers or laminates.

The product is available for limited pre-production custom projects now and is scheduled for full market release in the fourth quarter. For more information, visitwww.dvuv.com.