Satow Global Technologies, LLC, in collaboration with Plating Systems & Technologies, Inc., has introduced several new products designed to improve the finish quality on fasteners plated by the mechanical plating or galvanizing process.

The new line of LOVAR™ promoters and levelers can provide reduced part-to-part thickness variability, better throwing power, increased efficiency, and lower metal costs.

Hyperguard™ is a post-plate protective finish engineered for mechanically plated parts to replace typical industry chromates. It is a no-rinse topcoat designed to react synergistically with the coating to improve corrosion protection without the need for extended curing cycles.

The Hyperseal™ family of products are post-plate topcoats applied over chromates to improve corrosion protection. They are available in clear to gold-green colors. These products can provide as much as 400-600 hours of additional salt spray protection.

According to the companies, better coating uniformity, higher zinc efficiency, ACQ treated lumber-compatibility, and lower final cost are some of the advantages provided by these systems.

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