ZAP stain-blocking primers from The Valspar Corp. help battle stains and odors before applying paint. The new primers reportedly offer superior surface coverage, along with the ability to block the stains and odors common in new and existing residential and commercial buildings.

ZAP Interior/Exterior Latex Primer is a low-VOC, multipurpose primer developed to block typical household stains caused by wax crayons, pencil, pen, china markers, ketchup, mustard and grease. The primer provides a mildew-resistant finish, requires one coat application, dries in an hour and can seal multiple surfaces on the interior and exterior of a structure.

ZAP Interior Oil-Based Primer can block difficult-to-remove stains, including those from smoke, fire and water damage, as well as tannin bleed. It also seals in odors, such as nicotine, fire and smoke damage, and pet odors. Like the latex primer, it provides a mildew-resistant finish, requires one-coat application and typically dries within one hour.

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