Soliant has begun offering precision clean-room laminating services with its new custom roll stock lamination equipment. The company reportedly developed the technology with in-house resources after failing to find suitable equipment to laminate its Class A decorative paintfilms and bright films.

The company is capable of providing a variety of standard and custom laminations, including films such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, and vinyl, to a variety of plastic substrates. Soliant also will provide its expertise to assist companies in developing custom laminated products using adhesives and sealants to bond dissimilar substrates for unique permanent laminate constructions and assemblies.

Technical features of the laminators include:
  • Thick or thin gauges up to .040" rollstock
  • Temperature capabilities to 425°F (IR and heated rolls)
  • Film tension control for light and heavy gauge films
  • Web guiding for proper web alignment
  • In-line stripping and slitting capability
  • Suitable web paths for high value films and substrates
  • Full QC staff for in-process testing and certification of products
  • Integrated into Soliant's ERP system
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